Com o apoio de Direção Regional das Comunidades

A vision for the future

What is capa?

California American Portuguese Association, CAPA is a Non Profit Public Benefit Corporation 501 © (3) registered in the State of California it is not organized for the private gain of any person. The main objective is to create a wide and inclusive platform to help promote the work of all Portuguese-American organizations in California.
Very much like the capes (Capa in Portuguese) used in the traditional Holy Ghost Festas that serve as a cloak to the Queens, CAPA wishes to harness under one umbrella all the Portuguese Speaking organizations in California.
CAPA also seeks to capture our imagination into the future, like the “capes” in fictional characters and superheroes, CAPA wants to help our Portuguese organizations strategize their role in the future and serve as a platform for those discussions.

Why capa?

Precisely because there are so many and so diverse Portuguese Speaking organizations in California, CAPA wants to be a forum for all of them not only in the organization of large cultural events but also as an enabler for overarching discussions, networking and communication.
CAPA wants to fill an empty space that currently exists between the various Portuguese-American organizations in California in helping promote their activities with Portuguese national and international institutions such as Governo de Portugal, Governo dos Açores, Governo da Madeira, Fundação Luso Americana, Instituto Camões, AICEP, Associações de Municípios, Sister Cities International among others in the PALOPS.
CAPA will encourage and promote the social and cultural links between the Portuguese Americans in California and their mother country, Portugal and Portuguese Speaking Countries.

What it is not

CAPA does not want to replace or in any way be a substitute
for any of the Portuguese organizations whose work and
value will remain relevant for the community.

Who is capa ?

CAPA is founded by the Portuguese American Organizations in California
and Organizations of Portuguese Speaking countries in California and will have a rotating
Presidency amongst the organization that are members.

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