Nelson Ponta-Garça, “NPG” is a business entrepreneur known for his strong work ethic, discipline, persistence and problem solving experience. Innovative media producer with almost two decades of experience in story telling in the digital age. Leadership, originality and flexibility skills as a TV Documentary Director and published writer.

Public speaker with creative initiative, teamwork, management and persuasion skills as a Government adviser. A creative, passionate and highly motivated musician, conductor and teacher. Most importantly, a kind, caring, easy going and spiritual proud father, in search of a meaningful healthy Zen life.

Nelson Ponta-Garça was born in Los Gatos California, October 7, 1980. At the age of 5, he moved with his family to the Azores islands, Portugal. From a very young age he had the dream of becoming an entrepreneur and owning his own media studio.
After attending college in Lisbon, he returned to California in 2000 to pursue his dream. Being fluent in Portuguese, English and Spanish helped him land his first leadership role directing and managing multilingual large international teams at Aromat, Panasonic, at the young age of 21.

As a business entrepreneur, NPG founded his first business in the Silicon Valley, Nelson Ponta-Garça Productions (2005). Later on, inspired by the tech ecosystem and the success of neighboring companies Google, Apple and Facebook, he founded NPG Multimedia, LLC (2008) and AzoresTV (2009). Years later in Portugal, he founded AzoresZen Exclusive Island Resorts and Fresh Organic Farms and Experiences (2018) and NPG Multimedia Portugal (2021).

NPG became a media producer and TV Host, conducting hundreds of high profile interviews for Portuguese public broadcaster RTP International TV Station with an estimated audience of 15 million across all continents. His communication skills, hands on technical experience in all levels of production makes him very comfortable leading large productions and high pressure VIP events.

His visibility in the diaspora earned him the merit of being an invited host and public speaker for major events. As a community civic leader, he opened up a world of opportunities in the Silicon Valley with several clients from local fortune 500 companies. NPG was one of the first in California producing social media content for Facebook, Youtube and digital marketing ad campaigns. His portfolio includes helping companies like Dish Network transition from traditional brand communications to digital marketing. He continuously “sharpens the saw” with certifications in social media marketing from Northwestern University, Apple Logic and Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Suite, Digidesign Protools and Global Strategic Innovation immersion leadership programs at Stanford and MIT.

While producing the official visit of President Cavaco Silva in 2013, the impact of the presentation “Portuguese in California” led him to a new role as documentary director and writer. Two other documentaries followed, New England and Hawaii; a total of 14 episodes for a TV series and DVD of the “Portuguese IN” saga, the history of generations. For the past 7 years, NPG has been featured in mainstream media as an acclaimed documentary director, with showings across the globe. From the Embassy of Portugal in Washington D.C., all the way to Macau, China, his productions have reached millions of people across all media platforms and have become a reference for generations to come.

Giving back to the community and fundraising has been one important and remarkable role. Nominated advisor to the Consul General of Portugal in 2013 and elected Vice President of the CCP world diaspora government advisory board in 2016. He served on the advisory board of 3 Consul Generals of Portugal meeting regularly with diplomats, ministers and secretaries of state. Since then he spearheaded groups and events, serving in multiple leadership roles. A former Rotary International member, he continuously nurtures his vast international network of contacts, friends and family.

NPG was always very passionate about music. He played saxophone and piano in his first band at the age of 12. Later on he became a music teacher in California Catholic private schools. At the same time he developed his music recording studio and accomplished a Berklee College of Music Master Certification for Film and TV. To afford his first house in the Bay Area at the age of 23, he took on hundreds of students as a private music instructor; a testament of his resilience and work ethic. As a hobby, he continued to play keyboard in local rock, latin and world music bands with tracks played on MTV. He was also an enthusiastic community Symphony Orchestra and Choir Conductor with many published recordings.

Known for professional high quality work, in 2021, he became a published writer with his first book “Portuguese in California” the history of generations. He was recently awarded a Medal of Honor by the Mayor of his hometown in S. Jorge Island.

He is currently living his dream of bridging Portugal and California, as he is determined to live a simple and meaningful Zen life with his family by the ocean.

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